Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Prototype  N° 24 Fall 2013, Nicolas Navarro Rueda

I do not exist in the worldwide social platform that is facebooking, tweeting, instagraming(at least for now) as a means to cleanse my head and go back to basics. Privacy is a pleasure none of us acknowledge unless it is severely violated when most needed. Privacy is the opportunity of having intimacy with your own head and your own thoughts. It is something we have forgotten and ignore we actually have. I wish for everyone to have it. This is something I have been talking about with an old friend of mine, she taught me what I can and guided me through some tough times in the past. She showed me the pleasure of art and what I can achieve through it.


Monday, 13 January 2014

I give you another try


I haven't been much into the blogosphere lately, let's say last year. And I am back because I have the need to write. Even if it is not properly written, having a blog used to keep my head organized and organization hasn't been one of my strengths since I graduated. SO I am back. I had this talk with my father yesterday, it helped me figure out many, many things: I spent the day working from home (woot!I have sort of a job) but my phone died and I can't communicate period. What is it with technology that keeps me from trying out things to move on?

Well, I watched the movie Her, about a week ago and can't get over the fact that I purely identify with Joaquin Phoenix's character Theodore Twombly in many ways. The film made it to my personal top 5 movies ever, the screenwriting was just delicious and Phoenix's performance immaculate. Just for the web's information, I tend to identify with an underdog, with the introverted type of guy, with the guy who typically portrays an antihero. But Her is just amazing, the idea of a near future in such saturation gives me a warm feeling in my  stomach and the scenery is retro but modern at the same time just like Miuccia Prada's collections, filled with color contrasts and such softness it just seems all so surreal but still so palpable and original.

It's nice to begin a new year with softness even if your head seems to be all over the place. I wish I could change many things, but I can't and I will have to live with them no matter what. I wish you were here with me now. That is all.

Prada Menswear Fall 2014, Joseph Beuys compilation of drawings. 



Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I'm applying for jobs and internships (Düsseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne). They all decided to write back and I am thrilled about an opportunity to start working next to great creatives and artists. I'll be back next Monday. Here, have an illustration and walk it off. 

Fur and Movement
Watercolour and pens over cardboard
Illustration 2013

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Monday, 26 August 2013

The weekend was long and painful. Especially because of the fact that the world seems to go on a standstill. The same thing seems to happen again and again and people get drunk again and again and the party seems to never stop and I imagine going on a party mode like in the CocaCola light TV Commercial, but I don't. I am never part of that party because I am too lazy and/or friendless,  being that most of them happen to be on vacation or just seem to have sunken into a pit of darkness for the total of three very long, very boring days.

I have been trying to post Illustrations and have been working on my new collection which consists basically of draping many failed attempts and throwing them in a corner which resembles a porcupine, dangerous and spiky, every needle facing upwards. But, I still managed to do something, which summarizes a very fascinating and exciting weekend. I did the very promised Balenciaga illustrations. I enjoyed doing them but I have been very critical of my own work lately so I have decided to let the Instagram (lafoulenn) and very soon Pinterest community to decide if they are good enough. I also illustrated Vika Gazinskaya's spring 2013 coat which has been reappearing on my dashboard whenever I look for something illustrating-worthy, so I did it, and she liked it on Facebook, so I exploded inside a little because she is fantastic and her feminine aesthetic is just vintage-y, whimsical and very, very girly with a Russian twist. It's like if you are reading a fable or a folktale and the characters just pop out of it and they are elegant, stylish and very aware that they are fabulous. Very dreamy and pretty much artistic. I'll let you decide.

Vika Gazinskaya Fall 2013 RTW



Vika Gazinskaya Coat S/S 13
Mixed media
24 X 31,5 cm

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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Back in 2011-ish I remember applying for an internship at the mother-ship. For those of you who might not happen to know basic facts of my life, I am able to conceive numerous babies at a time for anything and everything Balenciaga, before, after and post Nicolas Ghesquière, being that Cristóbal Balenciaga was and always will be “The Master of Us All”(1). He is indeed, utter perfection, the fountain of my inspiration, he is the motivation for what I want to achieve with my life, my designs and my materialization in the world.

Even after the whole Alexander Wang takeover (for which I am thrilled about), he follows the code and produces impeccable pieces (2), I have managed to stop balling my eyes out with the mentioning of Ghesquière’s name. I vote for a comeback and it has to be a big one, maybe Carine Roitfeld style with a gazillion fabulous jobs, a documentary and everything?  Or, a la Olivier Theyskens with Theory or Pheobe Philo with Céline?

Now that you know what the mother-ship is and my feelings toward it, the story continues. I applied for the internship position which was my own initiative to do so. I never talked to someone about it, only after a couple of months after doing so and I actually managed to talk to someone at Balenciaga through my hyperventilating and uncontrollable excitement. I imagined this fantastic being on the phone impeccably styled and very French/Parisian, of course, talking to me a short, naturally bed-headed Colombian, living in Germany all bunkered-up in my 20m² flat working on that horrendous collection I presented for my fourth semester back when I was trapped in Desperationland, a new place where life just seems to stick to sucking forever/ my head. So, my hands were sweaty (nothing new there though), I panicked a lot and I forgot all of my English. My head decided to focus on Spanish and German and my French, my non-existent French just deleted itself completely out of my brain and I was stuck in the house of madness for what felt like the whole existence of pre-historic life forms; from the cell, to the dinosaurs. The phone call ended like the big-bang, all at once; An eternal silence and then a wail of grief, pain and anger: life = dead.

A couple of weeks after, I received an e-mail considering my candidacy and my possibility of interning at Balenciaga but I never heard from them again.  It devastated me a little, but I was still glad to have been able to be considered with such nonsense portfolio I had back then.    

 Kirsten Dunst in Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière for American Vogue mid 2000's

An Illustration of one of Alexander Wang's Resort 2014 jackets because I haven't made any Balenciaga ones, by me

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Monday, 12 August 2013

I have been rather uneasy looking for a job, trying to fix some things up in my personal life and looking for a way to go to Amsterdam next month just for the sake of it.Apparently, if you put enough of yourself into it and balance it out with a good dose of "keep-your-hopes-up", things just start shaping up.I am a believer in destiny and not in God (sorry mom) and call me crazy but there just has to be a meaning to all those things that are thrown in my face and then taken away, haphazardly playing with my head.

Copenhagen fashion week had some nice surprises, very sporty kind of thing going on, but aren't they all doing the same thing with the new wave of comfortable oversized clothing? A huge standout was Freya Dalsjo with her fluent architectural designs, breathtaking fabrics and impressive colour combinations, not to mention the outstanding styling which was just a breath of fresh air amongst the heavy made-up models in other shows. A definite favourite this season. You should definitely check out her website and past collections; aesthetically enchanting: http://www.freyadalsjo.com/ 

   Bibi Chemnitz S/S 2014, Copenhagen Fashion Week

Barbara í Gongini S/S 2014, Copenhagen Fashion Week

Asger Juel Larsen S/S 2014, Copenhagen Fashion Week

Anne Sofie Madsen S/S 2014, Copenhagen Fashion Week

Freya  DalsjØ  S/S 2014, Copenhagen Fashion Week

I wanted to write about gender bending in fashion but I have been too busy updating my portfolio, getting mad over people and Illustrating like a mad-dog. I apologize for the shortness of this post. 

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Monday, 5 August 2013

So, I went to Paris for the weekend (AGAIN) and I am pretty much devastated I'm back, but I'll have to manage. Initially, I was planning of never coming back, ever, but I have nothing over there, except a couple of illustrations with my contact information I left at some very important places (IF I ever hear from them I will tell you, promise, cross my heart and all that stuff), with the hopes of someone calling and saying: "Where have you been?! Come over, be happy, fall in love, deal with your crappy stuff over here, don't deprive the world of your talent, but come and stay forever!", pretty cocky. I just WISH something like that could happen.

I am massively tired. My feet have survived the massacre of walking all over Paris for hours on end, but it was worth it. I got to whine a lot which I enjoy in the privacy of my head and, well, a couple of people suffer but they know me, so they have to deal with it. I stuffed myself with Baguette, Ladurée macarons, one very sad, but exquisite coffee éclair and a bottle of wine. I even had my version of Breakfast at Tiffany's only it was in Paris, there was no Givenchy clothing whatsoever and the Tiffany's was Chanel. Pretty depressing, still fantastic.

Balenciaga was of course on the visit list. Nicolas Ghesquière's aura still hovers over it. You notice the increasing but not aggressive takeover of Alexander Wang, who has indeed worked his way into my heart with his take on the Balenciaga legacy . I got to take lots of pictures and was happy to be able to edit and incorporate some very sexy Pandas into them. You've probably seen them, so I won't be posting anything except a single picture of the very dramatic but spectacular campaign Mr.Wang has come up for the F/W 2013 season.      

Balenciaga F/W 2013, Kristen McMenamy by Steven Klein

Okay, one Panda amidst the Parisian beauty.

Panda in front of the Dior Campaign near Place Vendôme
I know its crappy but I had fun with it, so let me have fun. Thanks 

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